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I hate these things…it always feels weird talking about yourself in the 3rd person. “I’m Charlie…and I’m really cool and talented…you should hire me for your next movie/TV show…derrr!”

But it seems necessary to say something so…

I was born and raised in New Orleans. Such a unique city. It really did shape me into a storyteller because everything about Nola has a story attached to it. You would hear it at the grocery store, or at school. I did 10 years in NYC. Met my wife and had my first child. They are really what I’m all about. I’m a father and husband first. Actor and writer next.

We recently moved to Pasadena, California. Love it here! And I am loving Los Angeles. I hike. I run. I beach. And I also┬ásit around and do nothing which is a lost art in today’s society.


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